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You can make a valuable contribution to your community as a VITA volunteer. 

Benefits of VITA Volunteer



This great volunteer opportunity can help you


About up-to-date tax preparation rules that can lead to a job with public or private organizations.


Data entry skills that apply to numerous job positions in the workforce.


Experience in customer service and one-on-one client consultations.


Demonstrate a commitment to community service and help you leverage your volunteer work with prospective employers.

Even if you aren’t interested in tax preparation, VITA sites offer many volunteer positions that can enhance your résumé and help members of your community:

Speak a second language?

Help taxpayers of all languages take advantage of free tax preparation as a translator.

Are you a smart saver?

Promote financial best practices and products to help clients make the most of their tax refund and build their assets.

Know your way around the latest technology?

Provide computer and software support to help your local VITA site run smoothly and get refunds back to taxpayers fast.

Have great organizational skills?

Serve as a receptionist to greet clients, file paperwork and schedule appointments at your local VITA site.

Margarita Rodriguez
Margarita Rodriguez

Volunteer in 2023

Overall, my experience with the program has been very positive. Personally, I have learned many things I didn't know about taxes. I know that I can still learn more about taxes, what can be deducted, and what cannot. The atmosphere was great, and I felt very comfortable supporting the program.

Cynthia Arellano
Cynthia Arellano

Volunteer since 2021

My experience at VITA has been very rewarding. Showing taxpayers that fulfilling their obligations doesn't have to be a headache has been enriching. Additionally, I have continued to develop my skills through the courses provided, where camaraderie is essential for our growth and to continue contributing to the community.

Lusila Hernandez
Lusila Hernandez

Volunteer in 2023

I enjoy being part of organizations that support the community, and gaining knowledge is a significant benefit. Last year, I decided to take the basic VITA certification class, which gave me the confidence to proceed with the advanced class. I successfully completed both courses, made new friends, and had a great time while expanding my knowledge. After obtaining my certification, I joined VITA as a volunteer and assisted at one of the sites. The appreciation I received, reflected in smiles and 'thank you's, motivated me to return and help once again. Thank you, VITA, for this wonderful experience.


What Our Volunteers Says

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